About Me

Something has to be done in my life.
Loving people; Traveling around the world;
Owning my small brand.

I love design, ideas and colors;
I love flowers, birds and sky.

Sky in Japanese is "sola".

sola W., my brand, my love.

More about sola W. : http://www.etsy.com/shop/solaWu/about/

My name is Cindy Wu. I learned fashion design in Taiwan for 4 years, then in Sinjuku, Japan for 2 years. I was a fashion designer in Taiwan. Two years ago my husband and I planed to study in United States, so we came here and started our new life! I really love life style here. We love traveling. Camping is our best way to enjoy nature. I love flowers and animals, especially azure blue sky and ocean. Shapes and colors of mother nature give me lots of inspiration. I made these items with my heart and love, hope you love them. :D

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