Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adult Bib (Square Scarf ) for My Dad and Mom

Last month, my mom said she wanted me to make a bib for my dad,
because he ate food so quickly and always sprayed juice on his t-shirt like a child. LOL.
 I couldn't believe so said to my mom " Are you serious???"
She said " Yes, I'm not kidding. Could you make two for both of us? "
(( Oh,,, I really couldn't imaging that my dear serious dad wear a bib when he eat outside!!!! ))  

My mom asked me seriously, so I design two simple bibs (like scarfs) for them!
This pink polka dot with light brown plaid is for my mom.

Brown polka dot is for my dad. :D
If he doesn't love dot, he can use it with plaid pattern. (I can't stop smiling! )

It's also a big square scarf. So they can use it in the fall or winter.

Big bib! Use snaps for connecting in the back side.

The many ways to use.

Dear papa and mama, I love you. 
Be healthy and happy forever! 


  1. It is a great design! If you did not say it is a bib, i will never know it! haha!! hmmm~~ maybe i should get one too! XD in that way, i can eat my lobster and still stay stylish :D

  2. hahaha~~~~~ you're like my mom. She loves lobsters, crabs and every delicious food!!!

  3. great Idea, how big of square did you use?

  4. Beautiful do you have pattern would love if you do.

  5. Do you have a pattern for this?