Friday, May 18, 2012

Etsy sola W. Waxed Canvas Zipper Tote/ Coming Soon!

New design! A simple zipper tote. Made by waxed canvas.

About waxed canvas:
Waxed canvas is a tightly-woven 100% cotton fabric impregnated with wax that gives the fabric lifelong resistance to inclement weather. As the fabric ages, it develops a well-worn and comfortable patina. The wax consists of food and pharmaceutical grade waxes, and is completely non-hazardous. It is environmentally friendly and USA made.

Use kraft paper fabric (vegan, Eco-friendly & durability) to make interior pocket. Strong and beautiful!

Care: wash and dry cleaning are not recommended to clean it. 
Use a wet rag to rub it gently when it gets something stuck.

Life is simple, life is good.

It is testing..... coming soon!

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