Friday, June 1, 2012

Etsy sola W. Waxed Canvas Backpack/ Coming Soon!

Travel is my favorite way to relax. 
While traveling, body is tired but heart is full. Never know what will happen. 
I design a bi~~g backpack for myself. It would be used for our Austria journey in the future. I hope! :)

It looks good but bigger than I planned. 

Actually it's not my first handmade backpack. It's the 3rd!
Several months ago, I tried a new way and made patterns to make one but failed completely.
My husband even laughed at me when he saw the first one. >"<
I was too shocked that I couldn't make a new design until these days......

Do you notice that the cover is different from my other design?
 And I use hook in the center of the bag.
Also there is a front zipper pocket.
These are all for security. Keeping my stuff safely when traveling.

Washable kraft paper pockets in front are for phone and passport.

The cover of bag.
Inside pocket is roomy for laptop!
I think this big size could be a man's backpack.... 
Maybe I should crate new items for men! :)

This time my husband said it's pretty good! Ha~
I am testing the bag and will make a new pattern for woman.
Several details have to be fixed and changed.

2012/06/12 UPDATE:
I'm so excited about my new design. Can't sleep last night! :D
I want to use it right now!!!!

 It is smaller than the cinnamon one. Perfect for women.
It's roomy for 13" (and under) laptop and many other stuffs.
 Made by waxed canvas which makes it stylish and tough.

Detachable shoulder strap.
Can't wait to use it!!!

2012/07/12  DETAILS UPDATE:
Weather proof waxed canvas. It's a very high quality material!!  

Double stitches & rivets make it strong. 

High quality snaps and paper fabric are used in straps.

Detachable adjustable shoulder strap.

The back side of adjustable snaps closure is supported by durable paper fabric. 

I burned every end of thread (made by strong polyester) to make it more secure.

Many pockets in backpack. One laptop pocket, one zipper pocket, and one small pocket.

Two front pockets.
I really love this functional stylish rucksack.

2012/8/11 UPDATE:
I went to Busch Garden with my friends and brought my lovely backpack with me.
It was a heavy rainy day.................

Without having rain coats, I used the backpack like an umbrella all day!! :D ( I felt like I'm still teenage!! ) 
The waxed canvas was waterproofing perfectly! It was still nice and dry inside the bag.


Add new material foam in this item.
I chose two different types of foams and made samples first.
Then chose the better one to pad the backside of the bag.  

The padded part, which is waterproof, makes you comfortable and provides basic protection to your laptop.

Life is simple, life is good.


  1. is this bag big enough to use as a school back pack?

    1. Dear Kimmy,

      There are many pockets inside, one of them is for laptop. I think it's very suitable for school!

      W:14.75"(top), 12"(bottom) x H:14" x D:4"
      Adjustable backpack straps length: 18.5"~ 32"
      Detachable adjustable shoulder strap length: 25.5"~ 45.5"

      Please take a look in my Etsy shop. :)

  2. Nice clean lines and you have interesting sewing style.

    Love that.