Sunday, July 31, 2011

Etsy sola W. Small Lovely Bow Purse in Two Way Straps

Today I want to share how this original bow bag came up...

Last year, before I started sola W., I wanted a beautiful bow bag.
I searched on the Internet, malls or shops, but I couldn't find any one I love...
The beautiful items were toooo expensive, it's around $200 up.
But low price bags were so ugly, cheap, and less quality. ><

I designed a bow bag for myself! :) (2010/08)

In my daily life, I didn't love to bring too much stuff with me.
I often brought my cellphone, keys, purse and small camera.

It's my original draft and note. ( After modification, I had final design on Nov.16, 2010)
I loved small bag!!

It's high quality! ( All sola W.'s bags are!! )
I used 3 layer interfacing which are thick, median, and thin for supporting the snap. 

The pleats could make space for purse.
 I used different interfacing for the main and lining fabric.

Hand stitch was delicate and beautiful!
This was the first cloudy sola W. logo.

Inner space was big enough!

Even though I put many thing in it, the bag's cover that I designed could still keep a good shape.
The strap is designed such that you can carry it at hand (wristlet), on shoulder (purse), or clutch it on hand (clutch).
Gray plaid:

Dark shiny purple:
It's perfect for party or wedding.

Shiny blue:
I think this color is perfect with jean...

Elegant pink:
It's perfect for party or wedding.

Shiny green:
It's perfect with green tone dress.

Beautiful red:
Red is so outstanding!

I made these items from my heart, welcome to sola W.


  1. Great items, keep up the good work. Be sure to check us out at:

  2. Love the behind the scenes look at how these are made! Beautiful work!

  3. Thank you! I want to do better... :)