Sunday, July 24, 2011

Etsy sola W. Soft Fabric Folder

After spring semester (yes, I was an old student), I found my handout become very messy and ugly.
I thought I need a folder....

This folder wouldn't be hard. 
Soft was fine, beautiful, and good enough to protect these papers from damage!
So I chose my love navy blue to be the folder's main color.
Also I planed to embroidered some lovely flowers on it. It would be special and delicate.
Maybe when I'm in school next semester, my classmates will envy me?! LOL. :D

But, I did so happily and forgot to embroider flowers on it!!!!!!
(( OMG~~~ Cindy, are you kidding me....... ))
I didn't want to remake it because I would be withered. ><

So, I kept this good idea until I met these mild flowers in Shenandoah National Park. 
I told my husband I'll embroider them on my work! :)

I didn't know it's name.

It's my proud work, haha~

 It could be one and only, because it took sooooooo many hours to embroider them....

Four slots. My friend said it could also put ipad in?! :D

Welcome to sola W. 

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