Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sola W. The Package of Heart Bear Key Ring Accessory ( Martha Stewart Crafts)

Today, I found some wonderful craft tools for sola W.'s package!!! (Ya~~~ finally!) 
After I came bake to home, finished this package for Heart Bear Key Ring so quickly. 

Fabric and craft stores: Joann.

I wanted this one.

This one also... and another one.......

I bought "Punch around the page" by Martha Stewart Crafts! :D

+ a pattern pack paper book that I bought several weeks ago

+ a ribbon= sola W.'s package for Heart Bear Accessory.

PS. The color of the package is according to the bear!

Welcome to sola W.

I also used these tools on my wood box!
I'll post it next. :D

About sola W.'s circle stamp: