Friday, July 8, 2011

Eraser Carving / How to make own stamp

Yesterday, I made a sola W. stamp, and took pictures for sharing.
If you want to make own stamp, you should prepare:
1. Eraser.
2. Sharp knife or "v" graver
3. Pencil.
4. Transfer paper.
5. Stamp picture.

First, put your picture under the transfer paper.
Copy the picture.
(You have to decide which part you need to carve.
  Ex: I want the words "sola W." to be stamped, so I have to carve the black part of my picture.)

Transfer the picture to eraser.
The words should be opposite.

Carve carefully! Be patient.
If your picture is complicated, it could take several hours even days.

After carving, you should ink once to check every part is complete.
Then re-carving all the details.
Ex: my words are fine, but the background is not clear.
      so I carve the background again, make it deeper.

The stamp does not only ink on the paper, also on the fabric or wood.
You can find "Fabric ink" in stores.
After you ink on the fabric, you have to iron 15 second to complete.

If you have any question, feel free to give a comment. :)

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